Way back when we first started brewing in Solana Beach (back when Nirvana, Boyz II Men and Guns n’ Roses ruled the radio — so basically before some of you were alive), one of our founding duo, Gina, said:

“As long as we’re going to be making beer, let’s make sure it’s good beer.”

Words to live by.

Today when you walk into any Pizza Port you’ll not only find amazing, award winning beers brewed fresh on premise, but you’ll also find dozens of great craft beers from breweries throughout San Diego, across the country and around the globe. So no matter whether you prefer a summery Golden Hefe, a funky Belgian, a hoppy IPA or a monster Stout, whenever you’re in a Pizza Port you know you’ll be having one of the best there is.

After all, if we’re going to drink a beer, we might as well make sure it’s a good one.


Carlsbad Beers

Seasonal Offerings

Rotating Selections: Beachcomber Blonde Ale, Blonde Bombshell Barleywine, McHale’s Irish Stout, Oatmeal Porter, Traditional English Ale, Winter Warmer, Switch Stance Strong Ale, Special Pale Ale, Winter Wipeout. More Seasonals to come!!!

Wipeout IPA

Our version of this West Coast IPA brings a smile to the face of hopheads everywhere. BIG AND HOPPY, this beer has a huge bitter finish which is mildly tempered by the large amounts of crystal malt we use. One sip and you’ll know why it’s called Wipeout.

Revelations Belgian Gold

Its light color and body sneaks up on you being 8.5% alcohol by volume!

Port’s Porter

One of the many dark beers we serve on our Nitrogen handle which causes the beer to cascade in the glass. It’s thick, rich, dark and smooth. Brewed with 3 different Chocolate malts, including imported Kiln Coffee malt, this ale is almost as much fun to watch as it is to drink.

Port Pale Ale

The best selling beer at the Carlsbad Pizza Port. Great on Cask as well. The beer is brewed in the West Coast Pale Ale Style. It has 5 malts and 4 hops including dry hops in the serving tank. Served unfiltered.

Night Rider Imperial Stout

Adding to the list of over 9% beers on tap this one comes in at 9.5% with smooth dark and rich flavor.

Junk ‘n da Trunkle Dunkle

A dunkleweiss.

Hops on Rye Barleywine

The rye shines through on every taste with extreme hoppiness for a barleywine.

Hop Suey Double IPA

Over 9% hop insanity! A new Bagby offering that is too good to be true.

Carlsbad Chronic

Our customers can’t get enough of this amber ale that was orginally brewed with hemp seeds, but tastes just as good without them.

Carlsbad Cream Ale

One of our lightest beers brewed at Pizza Port. Crisp and refreshing, Cream Ales are the perfect sipping beer for all beer drinkers when the weather is hot or cold. Goes great with all of our pizzas. California Honey Ale Light in color and body, this beer is brewed at all of our Pizza Port locations. A little heavier in alcohol than the Carlsbad Cream Ale, we use only the best California Honey to produce a subtle aroma and flavor in the finished product.

Amigo Lager

Amigo lager is a thirst quenching Mexican lager traditionally served with a lime. A tribute to the beers of Mexico. Salud!

OG - 1.059 FG - 1.010 ABV - 6.4% Sharkbite Red

A Pizza Port favorite! This robust American Red has everything you need, a full bodied malty base, a nice American hop presence, and a clean finish.

Ocean Beach Beers

1.039 OG | 1.008 FG | 4.1% abv. Skidmark Brown

This brown, or dark mild, is a favorite of the brewer. Lots of malt character but no extra sweetness makes this a flavorful brew. Using Marris Otter as the base malt and all English hops make this a true to style brown.

1.051 OG | 1.009 FG | 5.6% abv. The Old Ball & Chain Pale Ale

This Pale Ale was brewed to celebrate the head brewers wedding, but enjoyed by everyone, no ball & chain required. Marris Otter as a base malt and Citra as a bittering and aroma hop.

1.044 OG | 1.008 FG | 4.7% abv. O.B. Chronic

This Amber Ale is a Pizza Port O.B. stable. Brewed year around at Pizza Port OB, this is a great go to beer. Brewed with English malt and American grown noble hops makes a nice malt back bone with just the right amount of hops to keep it balanced.

1.041 OG | 1.008 FG | 4.3% abv. No Surf Cream Ale

An ale brewers answer to a lager. Light, crisp, and refreshing who could ask for more when there is no surf?

1.056 OG | 1.009 FG | 6.2% abv. Newbreak Pale Ale

Pizza Port OB’s house Pale Ale. This beer is made year round to quench your thirst. Brewed with a mixture of American and English hops and grain. Dry hopped for extra aroma.

1.065 OG | 1.008 FG | 7.6 %abv. The Jetty IPA

Pizza Port OB’s house IPA. This ale is made year round for all the hop heads out there. This beer has a mixture of Simcoe and Chinook hops that give it its hoppy flavor and aroma.

1.082 OG | 1.010 FG | 9.7% abv. Cho-Saiko Double IPA

Cho-Saiko is radical in Japanese surf slang. This is OB’s house Double IPA. Cho-Saiko is brewed year round as long as there is fermentation space. It is a big beer with big hop character. Dry hopped with five different hops to add to the hop experience.

San Clemente Beers

OG - 1.045 FG - 1.008 ABV - 4.9% Trestles Golden

A light bodied golden ale with a light hop aroma and flavor. Perfect after an epic surf session out at Trestles.

OG - 1.081 FG - 1.015 ABV - 8.7% Way Heavy (GABF Silver 2008, Gold 2012, WBC Silver 2012)

Way Heavy is a strong scotch ale, packed with tons of malt flavor and a big mouth feel. This robust beer will keep you warm during those cool winter nights.

OG - 1.043 FG - 1.011 ABV - 4.2% Dawn Patrol (WBC Silver 2006, GABF Gold 2006)

Light bodied yet dark in color, this English Dark Mild has a nice roasty flavor. Crisp and smooth, just like the waves right before sunrise.

OG - 1.058 FG - 1.015 ABV - 5.6% Ernest’s Silky Smoove (GABF Gold 2009)

Brewed with plenty of rolled oats, this honestly smoove oatmeal stout is packed with tons of flavor. Full bodied without being overly sweet.

OG - 1.056 FG - 1.013 ABV - 5.6% Pier Rat Porter (WBC Gold 2010 and 2012, GABF Bronze 2011)

A smooth, dark porter with lots of chocolate and roasty flavors and a nice full body.

OG - 1.064 FG - 1.009 ABV - 7.2% El Camino India Pale Ale

An old San Clemente recipe, brewed since opening day. This IPA is strong and hoppy, featuring Centennial and Cascade hops.

OG - 1.083 FG - 1.011 ABV - 9.5% Doheny Double IPA (GABF Gold 2004 and 2010)

This huge double IPA is a two time gold medal winner at GABF. Packed with tons of hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma, it won't disappoint.

OG - 1.060 FG - 1.008 ABV - 6.8% Pseudo IPA (GABF Gold 2010)

A local favorite, you'll find us pouring pint after pint of this beer. Amazing citrus and piney hop flavor combined with a steady malt backbone make it everything you want in an IPA

OG - 1.044 FG - 1.011 ABV - 4.3% Nerf Herder (WBC Bronze 2012)

This English Dark Mild is far from scruffy looking. Crisp and light bodied, yet packed full of roasty and chocolate flavors. A highly session-able beer that doesn't lack taste.

OG - 1.092 FG - 1.020 ABV - 9.5% Order in the Port (GABF Gold 2012)

Weighing in at a whopping 9% ABV this American Style Stout is a rock solid dark monster. Lots of chocolate and roasty flavors with a big hop presence, this beer can cause disorder if not kept in control.

OG - 1.042 FG - 1.008 ABV - 4.4% Clemente Cream Ale

A soft and refreshing cream ale, brewed with a bit of pilsner malt and just a touch of hops. Easy drinking and great for a hot summer day.

OG - 1.051 FG - 1.008 ABV - 5.6% California Honey Ale

Brewed with locally produced honey, this lightly colored ale is smooth with a sweet finish.

OG - 1.053 FG - 1.011 ABV - 5.5% T-Street Wheat

A Bavarian style Hefewiezen. This wheat is unfiltered and has a nice banana and clove flavor.

OG - 1.050 FG - 1.010 ABV - 5.3% SC Chronic

The San Clemente version of the Pizza Port classic. A mellow malty amber ale.

OG - 1.045 FG - 1.007 ABV - 5.0% Lightweight Lager

This light lager is crisp and refreshing. It's mellow with low malt characther and little hop bitterness.

OG - 1.047 FG - 1.013 ABV - 4.5% Fisticuffs

A Dry Irish Stout, served on Nitrogen to give it that classic smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

OG - 1.057 FG - 1.014 ABV - 5.6% JHK Brown

A smooth brown ale, full bodied yet not overly sweet. Slightly roasty with a nutty finish.

OG - 1.059 FG - 1.010 ABV - 6.4% Sharkbite Red

A Pizza Port favorite! This robust American Red has everything you need, a full bodied malty base, a nice American hop presence, and a clean finish.

OG - 1.044 FG - 1.012 ABV - 4.2% Irish Red

Deep red in color with lots of caramel malt flavor this Irish Red is flavorful, yet dry and crisp.

OG - 1.052 FG - 1.010 ABV - 5.5% Pig Dog Pale

Our signature Pale Ale. Pig Dog comes with a solid malt backbone and is packed with great hop flavors without being overly bitter.

OG - 1.050 FG - 1.010 ABV - 5.3% The Ripper

A hoppy English Pale Ale, The Ripper uses Marris Otter for its malt base and all English hops.

OG - 1.060 FG - 1.008 ABV - 6.8% Middle Man

This IPA hits you right away with a huge hop aroma and flavor, but leaves satisfied with a super clean finish. The light malt backbone lets the American hops shine through with a nice citrusy vibe.

OG - 1.075 FG - 1.011 ABV - 8.4% Killer Dana

Simcoe, Amarillo, and Centennial hops pack this Double IPA with that classic West Coast style hop profile, and has the malt character to back it up.

OG - 1.078 FG - 1.011 ABV - 8.8% NoseRider

This Double IPA has huge hop character, that will take your nose for a ride. A tribute to all those who can 'hang ten'.

OG - 1.078 FG - 1.013 ABV - 8.5% Feeding Frenzy

Our Imperial American Red Ale. Tons of caramel malt give this beer a nice bite, with plenty of American hops to back it up. Watch out when it goes on tap, it's likely to cause a frenzy.

OG - 1.078 FG - 1.003 ABV - 9.9% Faceplant

A Belgian Tripel. The Belgian yeast strain we use gives this beer tons of fruity esters and leave it bone dry. Deceivingly strong, if not careful this one could put you on your face.

OG - 1.104 FG - 1.024 ABV - 10.5% Dusk till Dawn

This beer is a tribute to anyone out there who has had to experience the graveyard shift, or for those who happen to like cheesy vampire flicks. Actually its really for all of you who can't go without your morning cup of coffee. Brewed with hand roasted coffee beans from Caffe Calabria, you can smell this glorious Imperial Coffee Porter as soon as the bartender starts pouring it.

OG - 1.107 FG - 1.021 ABV - 11.3% Barbarian

San Clemente's strongest beer to date. An enormous barley wine weighing in at 11.3% ABV with tons of caramel malt mixed with a huge dose of American hops.

OG - 1.063 FG - 1.010 ABV - 7.0% Rip Tide

This 'once a year beer' comes around during the annual hop harvest, and is brewed with hops picked right off the vine. You can't get a fresher IPA!

Solana Beach Beers

Seasonal Offerings

Rotating Selections: 101 Nut Brown Ale, Blackball Port Wine, Breakwater Wit, Brown Bag Malt Liquor, Cowabunga Cream Stout, Dawn Patrol Dark Mild, Hot Spots Hefeweizen, Night Stalker Double Pale Ale, Old Boneyards Barleywine, Overhead Pale Ale, Solana Peach Ale, Restoration Ale, Rivermouth Raspberry, Rockpiles Imperial Porter, St. Auggies Grand Cru, Santa’s Little Helper Imperial Stout, Seaside Stout, Trippel Overhead Golden Ale

Swamis IPA

Similar the Wipeout IPA brewed in Carlsbad. This is the original San Diego IPA. We have been brewing this beer since we installed the brewery in 1992. Big and Bitter like theWipeout. A true beer lovers beer.

Ponto Pale Ale

A tasty hoppy Pale Ale brewed in San Diego. The judges seem to think it’s a nice IPA. Whatever you want to call it, we like it too! One of the best selling beers in Solana Beach. Enjoy a pint and savor the citrus flavors of the bittering hops and the maltiness of our ale strain.

Grandview Golden Ale

An easy to drink Golden Ale that uses many imported ingredients and hops resulting in a ale with Pilsner like flavors. We love this beer for its balance between hops and malts. One of the best beers to drink with our Pizza Vallarta.

Cardiff Cream Ale

A nice light refreshing lawnmower beer named after a great place to wax up and take out the longboard!

Ale Nino

Call it whatever you want, we prefer to think of it as a “Double Brown Ale.” This hugely malty beer is made from 7 different malts and four hops. It is exceptionally smooth, blending malts, alcohol and hops to create a truly unique drinking experience.

OG - 1.051 FG - 1.008 ABV - 5.6% California Honey Ale

Brewed with locally produced honey, this lightly colored ale is smooth with a sweet finish.